​​​​​​From Dorne to Braavos...Visiting the Spanish Filming Locations

Spain is increasingly becoming a vital filming country for Game of Thrones, with an array of medieval castles, dusty deserts and lush greenery. When visiting the latest Game of Thrones locations in Spain, you can visit anywhere from the amazing Castillo De Zafra (Tower of Joy) through to Girona ( Kings Landing, Braavos), Almeria(Dorne), and Osuna( Meereen) Click here to read more from our epic trip


The Real King's Landing...Game of Thrones in Croatia 

When the show's makers were looking for a medieval city on the sea to stand in for King's Landing from Season two onwards, they looked no further than Dubrovnik, a walled town in Croatia. George RR Martin himself said he couldnt imagine anywhere better!

I had the chance to spend a week in Dubrovnik, taking a private Game of Thrones tour and exploring a bit of Qarth as well!

Visiting the real Tower of Joy in Spain

In the list of spectacular, natural Game of Thrones filming locations, this particular one must be near the top ! We took a trip over mountains and some very questionable roads to get to the Tower of Joy!

Seville – Home to the real Water Gardens of Dorne

The Game of Thrones producers searched high and low for their real life Water Gardens. What they found is a stunning Moorish palace located in one of the world's best city break locations, we took a trip to Seville to explore further.

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​​​Game of Thrones Locations in Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland is Game of Thrones primary home, and over the last six years has seen some of the biggest moments in GOT History filmed there. Join us as we take a trip across Northern Ireland, taking in the real life locations that make up Winterfell, Pyke, The Stormlands, The Twins, the Kingsroad and many,many more.

​​​​Visiting Northern Ireland's real life Winterfell

When you think Game of Thrones, you think about the Stark's and their ancestral home of Winterfell....Lucky for us fans, the show decided to use a real life location early on, rather than shooting in a studio,and you can now visit it!

Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, otherwise known as Winterfell, is home to lots of iconic scenes from the first couple of seasons of the show.....we took a little visit to see if our archery were skills were better than Bran's......