Whether it be at a convention or out and about town, The Game of Thrones team are the friendliest cast around.

There are two main ways to meet the cast:

​1. The first is at Small, dedicated conventions....

These are conventions dedicated to Game of Thrones and fantasy in general,  these are much smaller events but on the positive side you get more time to interact, and in some cases, party with the guests over the course of a weekend.These sort of events generally consist of autographs, parties, Cosplay competitions and cast talks, while for an additional charge you can also get professional photos with the cast. These events allow attendees to interact with fellow fans who have a passion about the show and books.

The major UK based Game of Thrones specific convention is Crown Con ( Now approaching its third year, it will take place in Manchester, England, in April of 2018. This event promises a variety of cast members, with the first announcements being Annette Hannah( Little Bird - Frances) and Ross O'Hennessy ( The Lord of Bones Rattleshirt). I've heard good things about both guests, and with everyone from the Nights Watch to the White Walkers represented in previous years, it will be interesting to see which guests are announced next.

The event will feature parties, photo opportunities with the guests, autographs and talks.


There is also a fan run not for profit event called Titancon ( that takes places every year in Belfast. With Belfast being the home of Game of Thrones, you never know who may show up from the show. In the past, actors including Sophie Turner( Sansa),Maisie Williams( Arya), Kristian Nairn (HODOR) and Isaac Hempstead Wright( Bran) have all appeared at the event. Because of the filming schedule, the convention is able to attract Game of Thrones guests on short notice and at a much lower cost than flying them over solely for the event.

Titancon has all the usual features of a specialist convention, including talks and photo sessions, but what makes this event stand out is the non-standard nature of the event. There are art shows, cast roundtables, and a highlight of the weekend, the coach tour. The coach tour is a whole day event that takes in multiple Game of Thrones filming locations across Northern Ireland, and culminates with a medieval banquet in the evening to close off the weekend. Locations visited in previous include those used for Winterfell, Pyke and Dragonstone. This years event includes locations such as the Dornish beaches and Renly's battle camp.

My reviews of previous Titancon events and coach tours can be found in the relevant sections at the top of the page.

2. The other  way is at the various large Fantasy/TV conventions that take place up and down the country.

In terms of the UK, Showmasters are the largest organisers and due to their size have the ability to bring in major A list stars from the show. Stars from the show who have appeared at Showmasters events include Lena Headey( Cersei), Peter Dinklage( Tyrion) and Jason Momoa( Khal Drogo). When attending these shows, there is usually the opportunity to get have a professional photo taken with the guest and obtain an autograph from the relevant guest, although of course both of these come with a fee, which in some cases for larger guests can be upwards of £65 each.

These larger conventions are great in that they give you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of cast members in a single setting. However due to time constraints interaction is often limited and there can be long queues. For those reasons I prefer meeting the cast at....