Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain

Game of Thrones- Spanish Location Tour 2016- Our visit to the filming locations of Girona, Osuna, Almeria and Castillo De Zafra ( Sights include Braavos, Kings Landing, Meereen Fight Arena, Dorne, and the Tower of Joy!)

Castillo De Zafra- A report on our visit to Season 6 filming location the Tower of Joy,located at Castillo De Zafra in Spain​

Seville - A report on the experience of being in a city while Game of Thrones Season 5 Filming is occuring

Seville- The Seville filming locations of season 5- What landmarks were used to film Game of Thrones and how did they come across on screen? 

Peniscola - A report on the experience of being in Peniscola /Meereen while filming for season 6 of Game of Thrones was in progress.

Peniscola-   The Game of Thrones filming experience as it happened- Archived live blog from Meereen

Peniscola - What Peniscola locations will be used in Game of Thrones season 6 to represent Meereen ?

                                            Game of Thrones filming locations and tours in Northern Ireland

The Coast road tour 2014- Experiencing some of the main filming locations from early seasons of Game of Thrones

Northern Ireland 2013 - Our first experience of Game of Thrones filming locations such as Ballintoy and Cushenden.

The King in the North Tour 2013 - Taking in Game of Thrones filming locations associated with Robb Stark, Jamie Lannister and others.

The Winterfell Tour 2014 - A visit to Castle Ward, AKA Winterfell in Season's 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones

                                                           Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia

Dubrovnik- A two day Game of Thrones tour of filming locations near and in Dubrovnik.