Meereen - The Filming locations of Season 6 from Peniscola

WARNING: Potential Season 6 Spoilers:

As of writing, season 6 is still a good few months away, but part of being a Game of Thrones fan is speculating about where the show will go next, particularly now that we have just about caught up with George R.R Martin's books. There is a real feeling of excitement as to where David Benioff and Dan Weiss will take the show next, and of course which characters and locations will be omitted or included!

In terms of the Meereen storyline on the show, Daenerys flew away from the fighting arena on the back of her dragon Drogon, but was then seemingly captured by a Dothraki Khalasar. With their Queen otherwise indisposed, and with Jorah and Daario chasing her across Essos, it would seem that the leadership of Varys and Tyrion become even more important in Meereen. Of course, they cant do it alone and will require the wise words of the former slave girl Missandei and the military strength of Greyworm and his Unsullied.

With the scene set for Season 6 in Meereen, we can now speculate on where the city and the key characters will go from here. During our recent travels to Peniscola during season 6 filming, we were able to observe first-hand some key features of the upcoming season in Meereen.

Location A:   The Meereen Granary, located at Plaza de Santa Maria

We know at least two scenes will be filmed at the Plaza de Santa Maria.  This area, usually used for gatherings and concerts, was transformed into some sort of Meereenese marketplace

The Marketplace and Meereen as a whole appears to still be in the hands of Dany, as shown by the Targaryen banners draped over the side of the walls.

The location was completely closed off during filming, so it is very difficult to find out what scenes were filmed here, but it is rumoured there is a scene of Tyrion and Varys walking through and surveying the area. There is another rumour of a later scene being filmed involving a lot of smoke and Unsullied involvement.

Location B Portal Fosc Interior

This location had a wooden stand built within it, as though someone is going to address a crowd. My presumption is that this will either be Tyrion trying to reassured the people of Meereen or perhaps some sort of antagonist ranting against Dany's rule.

From our exclusive photos below, you can see shots from when the filming was taking place, note the slave costumes.

Location C Portal Fosc Exterior

The Portal Fosc, on the outside of the old city wall, is a diagonal walkway leading up from the port to a gate at the top of the second level.

At first glance, this would appear to be a perfect location to march an army up or down in a dramatic shot. I had an image in my head that the final shot of the season would be Dany marching out of the city with her army heading for pastures new.

This did not appear to be the case once filming got under way, with the scene actually being used instead to show the desolation of Meereen. As we would see from the open rehearsals, former slaves, walked up and down the Fosc which you can just about make out in the middle picture below.

In addition to the malnurished, worn looks of the former slaves, there was also much evidence from the props around that Meereen had fallen on even harder times. Lots of broken items were set up, an important thing to note is that these items were used in earlier scenes in the marketplace so this would suggest that as the series progresses that Meereen will fall further into turmoil

Location D: The Artillery Gardens

These fantastic gardens overlook the Mediterrean Sea and are attached to the main castle itself.

While the filming was closed off with covers to prevent onlookers, we were able to take some shots from further away via a normal zoom on the camera. Here, we got pictures where Tyrion, Missandei and the Unsuillied can be observed.  From observations, it would appear there is a confrontation involving a member of the unsullied preventing unknown parties unknown from passing by him.

Once filming was closed, we were able to access Artillery Gardens, where much evidence remained of the filming in respect of props including a prop which said ' Meereen Gardens Parapet Wall'

As far as the filming locations themselves go, we know from the photos taken by our camera during filming roughly where filming would take place. The main location used was a couple of slopes situation near the entrance to the garden.

Other than the above, we probably need to use a bit of creative license and detective work to find any other locations on the site as the closed filming had prevented further information getting out. However as the castle was closed to prevent observers looking into the gardens it was obvious to me that filming would take place at a location in the garden close to the castle.

A quick scout of the gardens backed up this theory further when we found evidence fake ivy and plants around a viewing outlet overlooking the adriatic. I would not be surprised if this is used for two characters to look out to sea and discuss a return to Westeros.

Location E:  The Castle ????????

I put this on down as an unlikely, but no trip to Peniscola would be complete without a visit to the Knight's Templar  castle which is truly a sight to behold. The castle  was closed for a day and a half for Game of Thrones filming, but I was informed this was to prevent curious tourists looking out onto the Gardens where the actual filming would take place.

Even so,  the main courtyard of the castle is very open and over looks the sea,  and within this would be an ideal site for some filming, hence why I have included it in this review just in case it was used on the show.

That concludes the guide to Season 6 filming locations in Peniscola, at least the known ones!

No Peniscola guide would be complete without a mention of one of the biggest known spoilers of the season so far. Shae, Sibel Kekelli, was seen walking into the rehearsal area and by luck we managed to capture the moment. Our tweet made international headlines across multiple language and continents, and is a testament to how the show transcends language and cultures.

Is Shae back from the dead, or is she simply an halucination developed by Tyrion as he descends into madness.  With season 6 still months away, we may have to wait until April to find out!

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