Game of Thrones Filming in Peniscola -Exclusive Photos and Report

Please see here for our full retrospective Peniscola report written upon our return, featuring the return of a certain 'presumed dead'cast member, please click here

2/10 Today we got some exclusive shots from filming,featuring Tyrion,Missandei and the Unsullied, from Artillery Park, Peniscola

Another update from Peniscola:  The place is going into lockdown with road closures at various filming locations. The bottom of Portal Fosc is now unaccessible to traffic and pedestrians, while the Plaza de Armas outside the castle has no parking as of tomorrow. I believe they will be filming a shot on the Plaza leading up to the Castle.

UPDATE Number One from 01/10: More exclusive photos of Costumes being prepared for filiming. This time showing the details of what type of character each costume is for, such as 'former slave female'.

UPDATE Number Three from 30/09: Exclusive photos Game of Thrones filiming locations in Peniscola by night.

UPDATE Number Two from 30/9 : Exclusive photos of Costumes being prepared for filming. These appear to be for the Meereen nobles but please send us a message on Twitter if you believe otherwise

UPDATE Number One from 30/9 : Exclusive Photos of Artillery Park in Peniscola. Here they are building a walkway and appear to be setting up a Greenscreen, from the area around it, it looks to be a set for either the Dornish or Kings Landing Gardens.

We are here in Peniscola, which based on evidence appears to be Meereen, but we have also found evidence that this is potentially Braavos as well.

A quick introduction, it s an old town on the spanish coast which was built by the Knight's templar and formerly occupied by the Pope.

The city itself looks very much like it could be Kings Landing, or even a Dornish Palace. If I were to place money on it, id suggest that at least some Kings Landing filming will take place here.

One thing is for sure, the town will be doubling for Meereen, the slave city occupied by the Mother of Dragons. The Plaza de Santa Maria set up is already well under way with many areas blocked off already. There are multiple catapultes and siege weapon props around the city walls suggesting we may finally get the Battle of Meereen.

We have also found evidence that there may be some Braavos scenes filmed here, although these props could just be left over from Girona filming.

Plaza de Arms will be closed off in a few days, it looks very much like I would expect Kings Landing to look. Having been to Dubrovnik I see many similarities. Note the 7 pointed Star on the floor.

The Portal Fosc is also very impressive, and will shortly be closed to traffic to allow filming. This stretch of road would be perfect for an army to march up


I was told by locals that the castle is going to be used as well, and it has  since been confirmed the castle is closed on the 2nd October for filming. The castle is certainly impressive enough, and would be easy enough to close off certain areas of it from the public.

The Artillery Park is completely blocked off from the road, suggesting a major scene may be taking place here. However you can get a great shot down from the castle into the area.

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