The Filming locations of Seville- a season 5 review of Dorne.

In Summer of 2014, Seville was announced as a filming location for Game of Thrones Season 5. Come October, Filming was in full swing, taking place within the Alcazar, an old Moorish Palace still occasionally home to the King of Spain to this day.

People come from all over the world to visit this location, and it is easy to see why. The producers admitted they scouted a number of palaces across Spain when looking for their version of the Water Gardens of Dorne,but as soon as they saw the Alcazar they knew they had found their ideal location.

The filming took place over a period of two weeks and was the first time that filming of this scale had been allowed within the Alcazar. Initially filming only took place over one part of the Gardens, before eventually spreading to the whole gardens resulting in closure of the entire area to the general public.

The first location seen on the show is the balcony, where Ellaria Sand, paramore of the late Oberyn Martell, marches to his brother Doran's viewing platform to argue the merits of war against the Lannisters. In terms of the Alcazar, this represents the King's Royal Balcony,located above the fantastic Mercury fountain near the entrance to the Gardens.

Unfortunately the balcony itself is not generally accessible to the public as part of entry, although I did see a couple of people come out of there with a security guard so there maybe some sort of VIP tour that can be done.

The next location if you walk down the stairs from the Fountain is the Royal Baths, which have to be seen to be believed. They were featured briefly on the tv show when Ellaria and the Sandsnakes are about to try and kidnap Myrcella, but really need to be seen in person to understand how beautiful they truly are.

Carry on through into the main gardens and you will find the walkway and fountain where we are first introduced to the happy couple of Trystane Martell and Myrcella Lannister.

Through the gate to the right we encounter the entrance where Jamie and Bronn enter the Water Gardens in disguise to find Jamie's daughter Myrcella. When we visited two days after filming finished, we found that they had not taken down the Martell symbol from the entrance. This is one of my favourite shots as it is rare to find props left after filming.

A more superior view of the whole gardens can be obtained by going up to the balcony behind this location using the relevant steps in the corner. Here you get a panoramic view of the gardens and all the filming locations

If you walk further into the gardens you will find the location where the Jamie/Bronn - Sandsnakes fight took place. This scene was widely critisised by fans after its onscreen showing, but you have to appreciate the very limited space and timeframe they were working with to film this scene.

While that concludes the external filming locations, the best is yet to come as you enter the Hall of the Ambassadors through the door at the back of the garden.Here, Jamie is brought before Prince Doran to discuss his fate and where the Dornish/Lannister alliance now stands. This room is easily the most visually dramatic in the entire palace, with a large gold dome dominating the room.

I cant recommend the Alcazar enough, its genuinely one of the both amazing buildings i've ever visited, and the gardens just supplement it further.